torsdag 4 juni 2015

A trip to Italy

We went to Toscana for the Toscana Nordic Art Festival, and we arrived very late at night.
In the morning when you stepped outside, we saw this beautiful place. Azienda Agrituristica LA SERRA. A place I really recommend.
What can you say, a morning swim or just enjoy the view.

The Olive trees, you could have breakfast and enjoy this view every morning.
There were others who also enjoyed the olive trees.
You can see the mountains in the background.
The Vineyard in the morning. First time I saw this, a very special feeling. A Good Feeling.
I´m speechless!

I don´t now the name of this plant, but it was very nice so I took a picture of it.
                    Lavender, Wine and Olives... TUSCANY!                            More pictures coming.