söndag 28 juni 2015

Lite bilder hemifrån

Några bilder från vår trädgård. (Some pictures from the garden)

En liten stenträdgård som jag gjorde i ordning efter att vi röjt bort  en massa bambu som hade börjat sprida sig för mycket.              (A small rock garden)

Syren som blommar. (Lilac blooming)

Blåregn som har växt till sig ordentligt och blommar för fullt. (Wisteria in full bloom)

Kaprifolen har klättrat långt upp i tujan. (Honeysuckle)

Blåregn (Wisteria)

Konst i trädgården, frökapslar i keramik tillverkade av min fru Annika. (Art in the garden, seed poods of pottery made by my wife Annika.)
Iris som är på väg upp. (Iris)

söndag 21 juni 2015

The city of Pisa Italy

Here are some pictures from Pisa, a very nice city to visit. Good food, good wine, cozy alleys and very good ice cream.
Gelato....molto buono !
Fantastic embellishments on buildings.

A fig tree that is rooted in a place that might not be the best.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

söndag 14 juni 2015

A trip to Italy. Honey and Wine

Acacia tree flower

Time to start hurling honey. These boxes are filled with honey.
You have to remove the wax.

Almost full.

Time to start spinning.

The honey is filtered.

Looks good!

It was very good! Acacia honey from La Serra
Grapes...not yet but soon.
And now it was time for wine tasting.

Wine is made at Fattoria La Serra.

We tried both the white and the red wine, and it was very good.

A big thank you to the family of Fattoria La Serra for a wonderful day.

måndag 8 juni 2015

A trip to Italy. The exhibition at Villa IL POGGIO

The exhibition is in Crespina, at Villa IL POGGIO. The paintings hangs there until june 11.

The back of the Villa has a very nice garden with roses, citrus trees and lots of terracotta pots.
This photo was taken from a window on the second floor. An amazing view.

One son holding up a photo that was later sold, while I sit and rest my bones.
My wife Annika has brought her pottery from Sweden
Some more Art work displayed during the exhibition.

  This picture I just had to take. In the next episode, hurling honey and wine tasting    

torsdag 4 juni 2015

A trip to Italy

We went to Toscana for the Toscana Nordic Art Festival, and we arrived very late at night.
In the morning when you stepped outside, we saw this beautiful place. Azienda Agrituristica LA SERRA. A place I really recommend.
What can you say, a morning swim or just enjoy the view.

The Olive trees, you could have breakfast and enjoy this view every morning.
There were others who also enjoyed the olive trees.
You can see the mountains in the background.
The Vineyard in the morning. First time I saw this, a very special feeling. A Good Feeling.
I´m speechless!

I don´t now the name of this plant, but it was very nice so I took a picture of it.
                    Lavender, Wine and Olives... TUSCANY!                            More pictures coming.